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Baseball Pitching / Hitting Simulator
• Builds proper hitting technique in a short period of time
• Develops quicker hands and bat
• Light weight and easy to use
• Compact and easy to transport
• Use in a small space or basement
• Variable speed for all ages
• No electricity needed, use anywhere
• Developed by a 40 year Professional Baseball Scout and coach
• Computer CNC produced, quality guaranteed!
Another new pitching machine is now ready to enter the baseball world. However, this one is quite different from those that already exist.

Most importantly, it should soon prove to be a valuable tool for developing proper hitting techniques for players of all ages.

The following points should be seriously considered when judging whether this tool can be of significant help in creating good hitters:

1. The machine throws a light-weight plastic ball over a distance of about 35 feet with great accuracy (80 to 90% strikes). When using the recommended ball, it should be noted that at this distance there is very little ball fade. That means that the ball maintains very realistic velocity all the way to target.

2. The really great advantage to this tool is that it simulates a pitchers throwing motion. In other words, the machine THROWS THE BALL. As a result, the ball goes to target with the normal backward rotation just like a real baseball coming off the fingers of a pitcher.

3. It has settings that give the operator the ability to easily simulate pitches that can vary from 68 to 84 mph. It is important to know that an 84 mph fastball at 35 feet is easily equivalent to a pitcher throwing a real baseball 90+ mph over 60' 6".

4. The hitters using this machine very quickly learn that they must develop a "quiet approach" to hitting. That means excess body, head, arm, and hand motion won't work. Quickness of the bat to the ball usually happens very fast and hitting very quickly improves.

5. Since the balls are lighter, outdoor batting practice does not need a great deal of room.

6. The operator also has the option of selecting the location of each pitch (high, down the middle, low, inside, outside, etc.). Each adjustment only takes a few seconds.

7. The machine is very compact and easily portable (it has wheels).

8. No electricity is used to operate the machine.

9. It has been carefully manufactured and is of excellent quality. Much time and effort has been expended to make sure that when used properly it should last many years.

10. Also, of significant importance, young kids don?t have to worry about getting hit and injured by wild pitches. When used with adult supervision, NO BATTER SHOULD EVER GET HIT BY A PITCHED BALL.

Every machine, when used properly, is fully guaranteed to accomplish the above stated criteria. If not satisfied, your money will be refunded.
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